Fishing Dock and Tennis Court Rules
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Cape Marco Property Owners Association, Inc.


Fishing Dock Rules and Regulations  

1.             No personal items may be affixed to the dock such as fishing rod holders, fishing carts, etc.

2.             Personal items such as chairs, fishing poles and coolers may not be left unattended on the dock.

3.             All fishing lines and hooks must be removed from the dock, these pose a danger for the birds who get tangled in the lines and hooks.

4.             Swimming from the dock is not permitted. The currents, tides and rocks make this a dangerous area for swimming.

5.             Children under 12 may not be left unattended on the dock

6.             Use of the dock is for the owners and renters in residence. Guest MUST be in the company of the owner or renter.

7.             Cutting or cleaning of fish on the dock is not permitted.

8.             The dock is designed for the temporary use of the residents of Cape Marco and their guests. Boats may be tied up for short periods of time, however, proper bumpers must be used so as to not damage the dock.

9.            Overnight dock-age is not permitted.

10.          No live aboard vessels shall be moored at the facility.

11.          No mooring on either a temporary or permanent basis is permitted on the land ward face of the dock or along either access walkways.

12.          No more than nine vessels shall be moored at the facility on either a temporary or permanent basis.

13.          Advance permission is required for the use of the dock by charter fishing boats or shuttle boats to serve residents and their guests.


Tennis Court Rules and Regulations  
1.             All players must schedule their court time at the clubhouse. A current Cape Marco owners or renter must be present on the court to reserve it. 

2.             Reservations are accepted 48 hours in advance and are limited to one and one half hours (1 1/2 Hour) per time slot. Advance reservations are recommended. Players who have not arrived for court time within 15 minutes of their reservations forfeit their time slots. Owners and renters may only reserve one court per unit.

3.             Because of morning maintenance, no play will commence before 8:00 A.M.

4.             Because of midday maintenance, no play will be allowed between 12:30 P.M. and 2:00 P.M.

5.             The last hour to schedule play is 5:00 P.M.

6.             No food or beverage, other than water, is permitted on the courts.

7.             As a courtesy to all players, spectators are requested to refrain from walking behind courts while points are being played.

8.             Proper attire is required. Tank-tops, cutoffs, bathing   suits, running shorts and blue jeans are not permitted. Proper attire would be the following:

                a. For women, tennis shorts or skirts with tennis tops, tennis dresses or warm-ups are appropriate.

                b. For gentlemen, tennis shorts and shirts or warm-ups are appropriate.

                c. Shirts are required at all times! Tennis shoes approved for soft courts are required.

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